Monday, September 14

Simple and Stylish Text Effect

1. Create a new file with 500px*300px with background color as Black.

2. Using Text tool type any word of your choice. Change the color to white. Double click the text layer in the layer window to open the Blending options.

3 Apply the following layer styles:

SO the effect looks like:

4. Create a new layer. Using custom shape tool, draw the following shape over the text:

5. Change the blending mode of the custom shape tool to Overlay and opacity t0 48%.

So the final outcome is:

Saturday, September 12

New Blog Design!!

Regular readers to my blog would have noticed new changes to my blog.

Yes, I'm happy to change my blog design!! I hope you people like it and if you find any flaw please inform me.

I'm not that good at css so it took me some time to make the changes.

I also have changed my logo.

I hope this new design gives better readability.

Thursday, September 10

Simple Glossy Button

1.Create a new file. A larger file is better. I used 600*500px with white background.Draw a circle with 150*150px dimension(TIP:Hold shift button while dragging to get perfect circle). I used #b5dfff color.

2.Double click the circle layer in the layer window to bring layer style window.(or you can select from menu Layer->Layer style). Apply the following effects.

3.Now the circle will appear as:

4.Now create a new layer and draw a white circle slightly smaller than the previous circle so that it looks like:

5.Apply the following Layer styles to the new circle:

6.Now change the blending option of the new circle to soft light. Now the final image looks like.