Thursday, May 8, 2008

Remove blemishes and any imperfections from your photo using Photoshop (TIPS)

Do you feel bad about blemishes or imperfections in your photo? Don't worry anymore. You can simply remove those and can reveal smooth blemish-free face in your photos. HOW? Use Spot healing brush.

The Spot Healing Brush tool quickly removes blemishes and other imperfections in your photos. The Spot Healing Brush works similarly to the Healing Brush: it paints with sampled pixels from an image or pattern and matches the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled pixels to the pixels being healed. Unlike the Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Brush doesn’t require you to specify a sample spot. The Spot Healing Brush automatically samples from around the retouched area.

1. Select the Spot Healing Brush tool from the toolbox. If necessary, click either the Healing Brush tool, Patch tool, or Red Eye tool to show the hidden tools and make your selection.

2. Choose a brush size in the options bar. A brush that is slightly larger than the area you want to fix works best so that you can cover the entire area with one click.

3. Click the area you want to fix, or click and drag to smooth over imperfections in a larger area.

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