Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Convert image into sketch

Today we are going to see how to convert your picture to a sketch.

1. Open any image of your choice. Duplicate the image by selecting Layer -> Duplicate layer.

2. With the duplicate layer selected go to Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate.

Again duplicate this desaturated layer. Now go to Image -> Adjustments -> Invert.

Change the blend mode to color dodge. This will make the image white.

3. Now go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian blur. Change the radius to achieve the sketch effect. I used 4.9pixels. But it will vary on the image you selected. So try which radius range suits your image.
Heres the final result:


Harnavbir Singh said...

Dear Madam!

Many Many Thanks!

These were really very helpful! : )

It made me able to preserve old family pictures even nicely! : )

Thanks Again!

Urmila said...

Urmila Shah askes..

Thanks for the useful demo.
As i suceed till step 2. But just not getting the path for this step -"Change the blend mode to color dodge. This will make the image white."
So pls guide me..

Thanks in advance...

Design Inn said...

You can find different blending modes in the layers window itself. The default is normal. If you click the drop down list you can select color dodge.
If you are unable to find that you can go to menu Layer -> Layer style -> Blending option. Change the blend mode to color dodge. And click ok. This will make the image white. Then follow step3.
Hope this helps. If you still have doubts. Leave it in comment.

hamza547547 said...

please tell me the name of this software i also want to use it

Anonymous said...

please any one tell me the name of
that software


i am waiting


mad said...

its adobe photoshop.

iwrite said...

Very helpful tips indeed. I think I would be able to try some myself